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Problem configuration and using the CIFS

Question asked by alexdvr on Dec 17, 2007
After I installed Alfresco I tryed using CIFS
In the readme.txt file I read the next:
To check the CIFS server name and whether it is running, enter the command 'nbtstat -n' from a Command Prompt.  One of the listed names should be the CIFS server name.

If you are unable to connect to the CIFS server, then depending on your network, you may need to configure the domain for CIFS to use.  You will need to have started the Alfresco server at least once to be able to do this.  To set the domain, edit the 'file-servers-custom.xml' file in the 'tomcat\shared\classes\alfresco\extension' directory and add the domain into the following line:
   <host name="${localname}_A"/>
so that it is something like:
   <host name="${localname}_A" domain="MYDOMAIN"/>
You will need to restart the Alfresco server for this to take effect.

I tested my server:
NetBIOS Local Name Table

     Name               Type         Status
  WS             <00>  UNIQUE      Registered
  MYDOMAIN  <00>  GROUP       Registered
  WS             <20>  UNIQUE      Registered
  MYDOMAIN  <1E>  GROUP       Registered
  WSA            <20>  UNIQUE      Registered
  WSA            <00>  UNIQUE      Registered

But  I don't see in the 'file-servers-custom.xml' file the following line:
   <host name="${localname}_A"/>
At the Alfresco2_0_Installation_Guide.pdf file I read next:
Open the file:
but at this place I don't see this file
Help me to start work with CIFS!!!