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How to specify FULL reindex locale ?

Question asked by pcuvecle on Dec 17, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2008 by pcuvecle
Hi all,

I'm running Alfreco on a Linux Suse and I face a new problem after reindexing all the content (bean indexRecoveryComponent in recoveryMode=FULL) because data has been indexed by tokenising according to an english locale although all users use a french locale. As a result I'm unable to search anything in the web client (but it works if I switch the GUI to english)

Is there a way to specify what locale must be used during a full reindexation ?

WIKI extract
As of version 2.0 all uploaded content is tokensied according to the users locale. (It is not yet possible to specify locale on upload). At search time, the users locale is used for tokenisation. This is not currently picked up from the search parameters or cna be specified in the query.

A search is performed in the users locale except for MLText attributes which can be found in other locales as specified on the serach parameters. Content will also be found in the locales specified on the search paremeters if the tokens generated match thoses in other languages. The content part of the query only generate tokens in one language but thoses tokens are looked for in all the languages specified on the search parameters.