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Alfresco will not sync with AD with over 1000 users

Question asked by rbone100 on Mar 12, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2009 by rbone100
Has anyone found a way to sync Active Directory with Alfresco when you have more than 1000 users?

By default, AD will only give back 1000 query entries at once. There is no way to specify a pagesize in the Alfresco code. (Specifying a pagesize would solve the problem when syncing) In our environment we cannot modify the AD server in any way what so ever to allow AD to give more than 1000 entries–There is a setting in Active Directory that will allow it but it is set to only return 1000 entries by default. Our group does not control the settings of AD and the group that controls AD will not make any changes.

Our user base has over 15,000 people.

Does anyone have any ideas????