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How to Host Tomcat on a Deployed AVM Branch

Question asked by tommorris on Dec 19, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2007 by tommorris
Using an Alfresco-to-Alfresco deployment you get the website replicated to the remote machine sitting on a CIFS AVM branch. Great, but how do we get Tomcat to run this webapp?

We could use the tomcat instance that is running the alfresco services (the virtualisation tomcat server for WCM doesn't even need to be installed). Or we could use a completely new tomcat instance…

Either way, how do we configure tomcat to host a webapp that doesn't sit under its 'webapps' folder? I've tried a few changes to the tomcat conf files, but I'm just fiddling with settings without truly understanding how it works.

Another option I'm toying with is to have a synchronisation-script execute (not sure how/when to trigger it) just after deployment. This can then take files from the AVM branch and place it on the the non-virtualised filesystem. This has the option of being more robust, in case the alfresco tomcat dies, (and possibly faster than going through JLAN), and easy tomcat hosting.

Using the file-system-deployment isn't an option since we still need some of alfresco's services (e.g. searching).

Just to repeat the main question: How can tomcat host a webapp at any location?

Does anyone have any ideas?