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Getting rid of the Web client: use SWING!

Question asked by calexandre on Mar 12, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2009 by calexandre
We have been running Alfresco Labs 3.0c for a few weeks now at our company.

The major improvement from the feedback I get would be the availability of a decent client interface (we are using the web interface and the OS native webdav client Web Folder).

At this point we need to distinguish between both possibilities … on the one hand we get user friendliness by using Web Folder … on the other hand we get extended functionalities with the Web interface. But we found nothing out there that would offer both: user-friendliness + functionalities.

Even though Alfresco Web GUI developers have done their best, the interface remains so "webish" … With all the weaknesses associated with it: weak desktop interaction, numerous clicks to perform simple actions that would require only one simple click on a decent GUI, …

The first and simplest idea that comes to my mind is to turn to a Java Swing desktop client that would talk to the Alfresco server through a standard API (the API is already existing). Why keeping on developing a web interface? Nobody likes that … Deployment? We are not in the 20th Century anymore! Look at Java Web Start…

The client application could even transparently maintain a local cache of recently accessed files, and offer all the bells and whistles one can dream of.

Has anyone ever heard about such a project?