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Client Rooms project using Grails and Alfresco

Question asked by johnbrainard on Dec 19, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2008 by johnbrainard
Good Morning.

Our company has a couple of needs…. One is for a Content Management System and the other is a Client Rooms application. I figured it would be a fun project to build a Client Rooms application using Alfresco for the content repository and Grails as the clients front end. Some questions I have…

* Has anyone effectively used Grails to access Alfresco CMS?

I'm not looking to rebuild the web client, but I don't want to confuse our clients with the web client interface. I would like to build an interface that our clients will use to access the documents and messaging. I would like to hide the workflow from the client users, but not users from within my company. I would expect that company users would use the Web Client interface.

* Best way to authenticate against Alfresco?

I would like to use Alfresco to manage the users as well as documents and forums/topics. What technology should I look into to provide authentication with Alfresco? Grails currently has plugins for Acegi and JSecurity as well as a CAS client plugin.

I'm not necessarily looking for answers specifically related to grails, nor am I looking to have someone do my work for me. I would appreciate any  links to other forum topics that have answered these questions, search terms I can use to find the answers, links to documentation, etc…

I am currently playing with Alfresco 2.1, Grails 1.0 RC3, Groovy 1.5 and Java 1.6.