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Trying to get the Path from a ResultSetRow

Question asked by jeango on Mar 12, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2009 by masofcon
Hi There,

Here is my situation

I have some Categories, each category is a space in alfresco with type "category" and (amongst others) two named properties: "CatNum" and "CatName"
I have some Subjects, each subject is a space in alfresco with type "subject".  subjects can be children of either a category, or another subject. the have a named property "SubNum"
I have some products that are described in pdf files (and have a specific type named "product").  products can be children of either a Category or a Subject

I need to make a search tool that uses the Web Services API to list all products that are found somewhere under a Category with "CatName" that starts with the letter A (for instance) and a Subject with SubNum starting with the number 123

The way I thought I'd do this was to first search for all the Categories that start with A, then for each found node, use its Path (by doing +PATH:"blabla//*" to search for all the Subjects with SubNum starting 123 and use their path to search for all the products in there.

But I can't figure out, after recieving the ResultSetRow back from the query, how to get the Path from there.  Looking at the docs it seems that this information is just not available at all in ResultSetRow.  Is there maybe another way to do this?

Thanks in advance