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Question asked by jsauer on Mar 12, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2009 by hunter42
I just installed Alfresco Labs Stable 3.0.

I used and implemented the previous version a lot and have authored a
comprehensive end user training manual for one of my customers. Currently
I am reading Jeffs Potts book on Alfresco development.

I do not want to state that I am an expert in Alfresco but I have used the
system for quite a while.

What I wonder now is how Alfresco Share and the classic Web-Frontend
will grow together.

I just played around a little bit with the new share technology and
started to like it, however
there are some obstacles laying around and I do not know if it is
missing knowledge on my side or missing features and integration on
Alfresco side?

Up to know if I wanted to make Spaces available I could always create
links and users could follow the link to enter into the linked space. If I
create a link to a space located in the company home in the documents
section of a Share Site I will see the link in the Share Site but clicking
on it does not have any results. I just stay in the Share Site. How does
integration of SpaceStore and Share work? Up to know it just looks like a
separate thing. No integration at all. I also wonder how I move on in
future? Normally I would rearange (move/copy) content and spaces created
in the Share area to different location within my Alfresco repository. But
then they will disapear from the Share Site?

Next discussions.
I was always wondering why discussions are flat in Alfresco. Meaning, when
I respond to a reply my respones will not be placed under the reply but on
top of the discussion stack. My personal oppinion is that this kind of
implementation was/is far from being usable. Now I discovered I can have
hierarchical discussions in Share. Great I thought until I used Search in
the classic Web-Frontend. It found the discussion I started as expected.
But I am just able to open the node item I found. No way to open the whole
discussion. No way to get from the search result to the Share. At least in
the details page there should be a link to the Share discussion, like
there are links for WebDAV, CIFS etc.

Alfresco: Please do not feel offended, I just wonder what technology to
use in future and how things will develop. At the moment it seems: we have
the classic web frontend which lacks up to date usability.
- just be able to deal with single files/items
- flat discussions
we have Share which provides great features for collaboration but
- can not browse / integrate the space store
- discussions can be found in the classic web-frontend but no way to open
a whole thread just single found items.

I have not played around a lot with the new Share so maybe there is more I
will miss or like, I intend to start a discussion here which: a) points
out things that I am mistaken b) workarounds for the issues mentioned c)
generally gives feadback on Share and classic integration

Response appreciated