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Alfresco Smart Search Filtering

Question asked by satishvarmadandu on Mar 13, 2009
  I have a question regarding alfresco search. I would like to create a smart filter. For example: lets say i search for "alfresco" , i choose 10 results per page out of 10,000 results. In this case, lucene gets/fetches only top 10 results.
Now i want some magic method something like
- Hey i touched all 10,000 search results category and these are the unique values found for a specific meta-data (some array of uniques values for a meta-data lets say filetype).
In this case, even though there are 10,000 files, the fileTYpe[] metadata array contains pdf,doc,html,txt.

For Ex: Lets consider LinkedIn. I search for some name called "Harry". Lets assume there are 10,000 matches but on the first page, u get 10 results .. something like
- Harry-1 , Company A
-  Harry-2 , Company A …… Harry-2 , Company A

In this case, whatever underlying search engine gives you the top 10 results. Now i want a magic methods which touches all 10,000 results and says something like

- Found 10,000 results for Harry and found harry from 57 companies  (in a way to find out the unique set of companies for harry name. here company name is a meta-data).
In other words , i want to generate an array for each meta-data which gives the unique complete list of values for a meta-data.

How can we acheive this with alfresco/lucene.

I hope i am clear.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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