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Limiting sub-folder/item types per space

Question asked by protenus on Dec 20, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2008 by rivarola
Is it possible for example in alfresco 2.9b to limit what content types or space types are available for creation in a certain space.

For example:

We have a root space called "Companies" (custom type)
in this Companies space we want to limit the user to only be able to create sub spaces of 7 custom types which we have created.
(Financial, Human resources, Research ,etc.)

In each of those spaces they should only be able to create content of certain types, again custom types we have defined in our model.

For example:

In "Financial" sub-space only 5 document types can be created, P&L, Balance Sheet, etc…

We have already created the model… Does associations already do this limiting, it doesnt seem so, or maybe the way we use associations is not correct.