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3000 versionhistories and only 500 documents ... ??

Question asked by rogier.oudshoorn on Mar 13, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2009 by rogier.oudshoorn
Our testsystem (which gets a decent throughput of data, lots of creation & deletion) used to run with automatic versioning, meaning every piece of content would be versioned. At our current point in time, we have 3000 version histories in the lightweightversionstore, yet only 622 files in the spacesstore. Some random clicking showed that probably all our old versionhistories are still there, even where the originals have been long gone.

We're running Alfresco 3Stable on Linux, and the server runs 24/7 (so missing scheduled jobs is highly unlikely). I could write a custom scheduled job to use the dbNodeService to do the cleaning, but i am quite surprised to find such an issue and can not imagine i am the first to do so. Did anyone encounter this as well, and /or have an easier fix for me?