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Does Alfresco WCM suitable to implement?

Question asked by shmu80 on Dec 21, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2008 by vijay_alfresco

I just hope to get the advice and opinion from the members here.

My company is plan to implement alfresco WCM for company website management, and I am doing some R&D on this, however, I still have some doubt to implement Alfresco WCM.

Below is about what I found out, if I am wrong please help to correct me.

1. After I create a new content and submit it, before I get the approval, the content reviewer is not able to view the new look and feel of the content inside the website, he only able to view the content page.

2. Reviewer only able to view the new look of the content after he approve it to submit to staging, but after the new content submit to staging, it is not able to edit again. Sometime my company may add some new content into the existing content, for this, I need to re-create a new content which has the existing and new content. I feel that this is quite troublesme to edit existing content.

3. I am still have no idea on how to start to develop a new website by using alfresco WCM. From the sample war file, I found that we need to create a basic web project by NOT using the WCM first, and using the WCM to import this war file. All the new content in xml, html or txt format will store into the folder inside the war file. May I know is it the practise to create a Web Project in Alfresco WCM?

Please advise.

Thanks in advance.