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Moving forward in a workflow automatically in Java. [SOLVED]

Question asked by jimcornmell on Dec 21, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2008 by jimcornmell
Hi All,

I have a post which relates to starting a job in a workflow assigned to a pool of people,  I have not had any luck with this so I'm trying a different technique, i.e. adding an extra step in the workflow, and moving forward automatically.  I.e. making a different problem which I might be able to solve.  Unfortunately I'm not having any luck with this either :cry:

So this post is about moving forward in a workflow automatically.  I already have a Java class which populates and starts the workflow and this works well.  At the end of this I want to move forward (where I allocate the task to a pool) in the workflow.  I've tried the following 4 calls, which look to be in a relavant part of the API but with no luck:
workflowService.fireEvent(, "Send to first task"); 
workflowService.fireEvent(, null);
workflowService.signal(, null);
workflowService.signal(, "Send to first task");
Does anyone else have any more ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help.  Oh yeh and Merry Christmas…..