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Using Alfresco to host external project data

Question asked by russgreen on Mar 15, 2009
I want to start hosting a simple extranet solution to share design information between remore team members across a range of projects.  I think (hope) Alfresco can do the job bu  I t I could use some pointers as it wasn't completeley clear how to get this working.

I've already installed the software on a windows 2003 server with a MySQL database to I'm eager to get going.

What I want to achieve:

There will be mutliple projects each with the same common format of sub-folders for documents to be stored. e.g
\Project1\Construction Management
\Project1\Job Camera
\Project1\Links to Web Sites
\Project1\Meeting Minutes
\Project1\Plan Check
\Project1\Plot Files

Consultants, Clients, Contractors and Sub-contractors will have the ability to login and have permission to view only projects they are members of.

Consultants will be able to 'issue' design information with various workflows:
- preliminary issue….only consultants and clients can see documents
- issue for approval….issue to team but client / project manager marks document as APPROVED.
- issue for construction…..issue document so that the main contractor cans see the document
- onward issue….main contract can review information and choose to issue it so that sub-contractors can review information…..this may just be a permission to view type attribute change or copying the document to another location.

Projects should also have calendars / programs, tasks, address books, Requests for Information and Change Orders
Can I prevent documents from being deleted to maintain a full history and audit trail.
Can the document versions be letters rather than numbers? 
Should each project be a web project or a space?