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Create content from web form without web client

Question asked by lirux on Mar 15, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2009 by lirux
I want to create content using e pre-defined web form programmatically (via web script for example), i.e. without the web client wizard.
In other words:
1) create a web form as usual (xsd, deploy in alfresco…)
2) using the API: find the form, fill in the required information and generate the content
3) the generated content (xml, html,… ) must appear in the user's sandbox "Modified items"

Could someone post some example code? I searched the forum but I haven't found any example…

For my application, another option would be using the web client wizard but with the "name" in the first step pre-populated by the application. Can I do this thing or, better, skip over the first step?

Thank you in advance,