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problem with assigning task in parallel workflows

Question asked by fbehfar on Dec 23, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2007 by fbehfar
I have assigned a task to muliple users sucessfully, and the same as assigning a task to a group.

In assigning a task to muliple users, each user recieves the task, but with different 'Id', so when the first member take the task, it doesn't remove from the others 'My task to do' list, cause it has different 'Id'.
And the same in the assignment to a group, all the members of the groups recieve the task with different Id so it doesn't remove from the other members list. It's usefull when I want all the members of the group do the task, but what should I do when I want to remove the task from the list of the other members of the group when the first one picks the task? and the same in assigning a task to a different users, why it takes different 'Id's?

I'm working with the 'parallelreview_group_processdefinition.xml' and 'parallelreview_processdefinition.xml' samples.