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Need advice on managing content.

Question asked by fhomasp on Dec 27, 2007
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I hope I'm posting this in the right section.  Anyhow, I need a bit of advice from experienced users.  I'm currently working on my thesis and I need to get employees' resumés in a content management system.  My eye fell on alfresco.

I'll specify some of the requirements of the project.

Every employee needs to make a new internal resumé every time they finished a project at a client.  The idea is to know what kind of programming skills every employee has.  Every resume needs to be tied to a person, obviously.
So I set the company home and created a space called employeeCV.

But..  Since I'm new to this whole alfresco thing and also to content management I wonder if I'm going about it the right way.  I want to start it correctly so I won't have to move everything around later on.

I changed the use of the database to MySQL.  Can I also for ex. add Users, employees and such straight into the database?  Looking at the structure I'd say that's going to be hard.

I'm also interested in getting certain properties out of stored resumes automatically.  Is this a good idea?  Moreover, is this possible?  Resumes are stored in .doc format.  I can already see a preview which shows a certain piece of the content.

Any advice on any of the questions is greatly appreciated.