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WCM - Virtual Tomcat - Preview Website Not Working

Question asked by klwalker on Dec 27, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2007 by mikeh
I have followed the WCM tutorial and everything works good except I can't get website preview to work.  I am running Alfresco v2.1 on JBoss on a Windows Vista machine and have the virtual tomcat server running.  It seems to be connected without any errors.  I have setup the web project to deploy to localhost, as specified in the tutorial, and my file shows (both in the virtual-tomcat directory and in the alfresco.war deployed on JBoss).  There are no errors in any of the logs.  When I click on the Preview Website link, it takes me to and I get a "504 Gateway Time-Out: Unable to connect to origin Web server" http error.

One thing to note is that to get to the login screen, I have to go to  If I try to put "localhost" in the URL, I get a "502 Bad Gateway: DNS Host name resolution failed" http error.  I'm not sure if that may be related or not.  However, I'm able to ping localhost from a command prompt, and I've tried creating a new Web Project to deploy to instead of localhost, and changed the property in both files but that didn't seem to make any difference.  Any help you could give me to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.