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Rendering an ECM Form

Question asked by kamlesh on Mar 17, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2009 by zaizi

I am using Labs 3c version of Alfresco for evaluation purpose. XForms rendition in Alfresco web-client is not supported for ECM forms the way it is supported for WCM forms. Following is the quote from Alfresco wiki page:
ECM Forms, also known as 'DM Forms' or simply 'Forms', are now available in Alfresco 2.9 Community Labs release for testing and evaluation. These allow structured XML content to be created based on an XML schema (XSD). Unlike 'Web Forms', they do not directly support renditions although Content Transformations can be used to achieve similar results.

With reference to the above my queries are:
1) Do I need to write explicit content transformation code for rendering ECM form? [Of course this will require Chiba related stuff]?
2) Can I reuse the repository APIs to achieve the same. (As the same functionality is implemented for WCM forms)?
3) Will the combination of option 1 and 2 be required?