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Two basic questions regarding translations

Question asked by hbf on Dec 29, 2007
Dear Alfresco users and developers,

We are using translations (aspect cm:mlDocument in contentModel.xml in Alfresco's model definition) and have run into two problems:

1. ML documents cannot always be moved. This is a huge problem for us as we cannot organize documents into spaces but are forced to keep them where they were created. (I've posted about this in another context.)

2. How can I make an *existing* document a translation of another? Quite often, two editors create individual documents and realize only afterwards that the documents are translations of each other.

For us, 1. is the real blocker. Could somebody from Alfresco give some more details on whether this is already implemented (and just prevents users from moving ML documents in order to not create a chaos with translations in different spaces)? Or whether it will be implemented?

For us, moving documents around – be they translations or not – is very important, and I image we're not the only ones!