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SVN revision numbers

Question asked by hbf on Dec 29, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2011 by dustin.schultz
Dear list,

I am wondering if there is additional information for the ones among us that work with Alfresco SVN (instead of with fixed releases)? I've searched on the wiki and this forum but have found only outdated answers to the following answers:

1. Where is the SVN revision number of the current release(s) kept?

2. If I understand correctly, the Enterprise edition is a separate, initially nonpublic branch of a Community Edition; after some time, the changes are merged back to the Community Edition and the process starts again. Is this correct?

3. If so, where can I see the SVN revision number of a (already publicly available) Enterprise edition?

4. If I update my SVN code to a new revision, will the repository be updated automatically on restart? I understand that updates from official releases make sure that the repository data is correctly updated, but what about internal SVN revisions? I suppose they come without any update and we risk running into a situation where the repository cannot be down- nor updated, right?

Many thanks for answering,