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LDAP Chaining configuration - hiring expert

Question asked by flefoll on Mar 17, 2009

First of all I hope I'm not breaking forum regulations, if I'm doing so, I beg your pardon, it wasn't my intention.

We do this post in a desperate hope to have a quick resolution to our problem.
In other ways, we would have preferred to find out our way in the Alfresco documentation, but we surrender (5 days of a very qualified developer to not having the complete stuff…).

We have configured LDAP (active directory based) authentication and synchronization,
We fail on configuring chaining-authentication (ie, LDAP and in failover alfresco internal one).
Considering our context, there is no workaround (even if we already observed that authority-services-context trick works fine), we definitively need applicative accounts, ie not declared into LDAP/AD.

We are looking for a developer able to configure chaining-authentication with ldap and Alfresco Labs V3 stable, CIFS/NTLM and FTP.
We would prefer not have to switch to JAAS (but negotiable if ldap synchronization work as well).

Good candidate will have required environment to test on his side (ie: his own AD), and integration and real probe will be done by us.
We can pay by wire/payoneer/paypal/moneybookers/getafreelancer/rentacoder.

We will publish on this very same forum the solution that have worked, since considering the number of post on it, we assume a lot of people will be interested…

Thanks in advance,

francois.lefoll [at]
skypeID : francois.lefoll