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'Copy item to a specified space' Action

Question asked by nyronian on Dec 31, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2008 by rivetlogic

after using "Copy item to a specified space" action on several folder in my system I realized it does not actually create copies of the content, instead it creates pointers to the original content. If the content is changed in one of the folders, it is changed everywhere. 

So I got to spend many hours unraveling the mess I created.  :cry:  Don't worry, I'm quite sure it works exactly as the programmer intended for it to work.  :)

But, now that it is mostly unraveled, I would like to find a way to actually create copies of a folder, its subfolders and it content into a new space or somtimes into the same parent space with a different name. 

An Import/Export would work but then I can't pull it into the same space with a different name.  Does that make sense?  For example:

folder1 > folder2.

I export folder2 and want the exact copy named folder3 under folder1. 

folder1 > folder2
folder1 > folder3

When I export and then import folder2 it will try to overright folder2.  And I can't just rename folder2 to folder3 and import it as folder2 because of other reasons (metadata pointing to folder2 in other parts of the system)

Hope that makes sense.  Right now, I'm just recreating everything and copying them manually.