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Installation problem with MySQL

Question asked by clark on Mar 18, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2009 by clark
Hi folks,

We are developing one project for our customer using Alfresco as CMS tools.

In the process, we fixed many Alfresco issues existing in labs version, but met with a big one in integrating with MySQL.

As you all know, default value of flag "lower_case_table_names" in MySQL windows version is 1 which means ignore table names case sensitive, while in MySQL Linux version is 0.

But is Alfresco source code, exactly in all hbm & db scripts in 4 jar files which deal with "JBPM_*" tables, "JBPM_*" were in UPPERCASE (maybe some place were in lowercase).

Which means if Alfresco run in Linux with the default case sensitive flag in MySQL, instance could not run well.

Our solution is resetting MySQL flag from 0 to 1, which also solved the problem.

But to our customer, they would not like to change this flag because there are other application against same MySQL instance.

We could not provide other solution, besides modifying all related source code in JAR files which seams impossible….

So,  could anyone provide some suggestion for us in similar case?

Meanwhile, you can raise any question about issues both in installation & WCM.
We would try to help you to fix some issues we solved.