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Inbound email and multi tenancy

Question asked by laki on Mar 18, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2009 by flefoll

I have configured an inbound email on alfresco 3 stable. Everything works fine and now I would like to add another tenant on the same server and be able to send emails to that other tenant. I have succesfully created new tenant and took Node DBID of one of newly created space in my new tenant.
Unfortunately, it doesn't work, when I try to send an email to ([Node DBID]@myserver) I get the following error response:

The email address '1109@myserver' does not reference a valid accessible node. (state 18).

The question is: is Node DBID unique across all tenants? And if it isn't, is it possible to use inbound email on servers with more than one tenant?