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Customizing the Submission Workflow

Question asked by rockycres on Mar 18, 2009

I want to customize the existing submission workflow in such a way that before going to the reviewer/approver queue for approval of the created content,I just want to have the info (file names) that are created in the workflow process .

This is my scenario.

These are the tasks carried out in this submit_processdefinition.xml:

i.Start Review

ii.Validate Links being submitted


   ? Send email with subject (file names)[contents that are created in the current WF]

iii.Split into Serial or Parallel Review

iv.End the Review.

I want to add the new task node in the existing submission WF after the check link process before going to the review state, So the problem I am facing here is ,I am not able to get the file list (newly created content).

Can anyone help me out in getting the file names of the contents created..? If it can be fetch from jbpm context ,I want to know the variable name which will hold the file info…?