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Creating Folders in the Discussion Area

Question asked by urshah on Mar 18, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2010 by ribz33
I am using Alfresco 3 Enterprise and am the manager of a new share site called the "The Cafe".
I have discussions as part the site activity, but am trying to organize the discussions people post.

At the moment, people can post any topic at the top level.
What i would like to do is create sections (just like the Alfresco forum) where there are categories that people navigate to in order to post.
Example, "Announcements", "How I use LAfresco" etc…

Having them all post to the top level would cause many different topics to be discussed there. I would like to organize it better.
I tried setting up folders in the web client, but they don't appear in share.

How do i setup these high level folders or categories that people can drill into to post related discussions?