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A Plethora of Alfresco Issues

Question asked by leetcharmer on Mar 18, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2009 by leetcharmer

I've just begun testing Alfresco Enterprise Edition with the 30-day trial.  I've created an admin account and have played with the interface of both Share and the Document Management System.  Great stuff, but I need more.  On a blank slate, there are a few things that I need:

1) CIFS access
2) Active Directory Support

I have a computer called PSK-PC that I am testing this on and I can easily access \\psk-pcA … BUT out of the box, this requires user authentication.  I do not have a username and password that can gain me access.  So I decided to follow the documentation on Alfresco Labs 3 Stable (I couldn't find documentation on Enterprise 3.0.1) and edited a lot of xml files.  I ended up creating users in my Active Directory: alfrescocifs and alfrescohttp but don't know if they work as they should.  At the end of that journey, it broke my alfresco logon (unless I commend out the code I added in the web.xml file).  In the end, this allowed me gain access to psk-pcA without being prompted for access, but all I see is "Printers" inside of the share – this does not reflect any of my Spaces.

Should I start over?  Can anyone give me advice as I try this again?

–John Jelinek IV