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Question about custom aspects and content type

Question asked by klwalker on Jan 3, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2008 by kevinr
I am new to Alfresco and have worked through Jeff Potts' guide "Working with Custom Content Types" and was able to successfully create a custom content type with custom aspects.  I'm wondering if it's possible though to create a custom content type with a 1-to-many relationship to a specific custom aspect.  For example, we'd like a document to be able to be linked to multiple people.  So I have a custom content type called CourtDocument, and if I defined an aspect called PersonRole to store a first and last name and the role of that person as it's properties, is it possible to define several instances of PersonRole within a single document of type CourtDocument.  For instance, one CourtDocument could be linked to a Plaintiff and a Defendant, and we'd like to be able to search by either name and find that document.