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WCM and Search

Question asked by iapilgrim on Jan 4, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2008 by andy
Hi all,
I've referenced XMLMetadata Extractor sample. I uncomment wcm-xml-metadata-extracter-context.xml in Alfresco extension. Then I added the sample file into a web project and clicked 'view-detail'. OK, it  extracted title, description,author well. Next I used simple-search script in the website framework to test search.It worked well too. But my goal is use advanced search. Ex, I want to search in title or author or description…. Can you tell me how to achieve it?
I found in the mapping file these properties
The prefix fm behaves like type, isn't it? that means I can query like this
var luceneStr = "TYPE:\"{}fm\""
But It throws error message when I used it.
In web project I have 2 web forms article and news for example. So I need 2 xml extractor and 2 namespace prefix, right? Then In my site, If I allow user to search no matter what the content is in article or news, I must use combined query, right?
Hope these guys help me