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CMIS backend for Alfresco?

Question asked by lunchbox on Mar 19, 2009

I'm not really up to speed with all Alfrescos developments regarding CMIS, so if this question was asked before, please point me in that direction.

Having read all the stuff Alfresco provides on CMIS I share the enthusiasm for CMIS. I just wondering however, if Alfresco is also planning an implementation of CMIS as a backend repository? This would for example make migrations more easy, but also would make an interesting case for enabling Alfresco to interact with content repositories that would likely be not within the Alfresco domain, e.g. multimedia content, or perhaps scientific repositories.

Given the fact that Alfresco ready supports other content repositories (which currently probably need to "speak" the Alfresco repository content API), how difficult would such an implementation be?