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Question asked by urshah on Mar 19, 2009
Latest reply on May 3, 2011 by sans
In Share, i can assign the "review and approve" workflow to a document, but have the following questions:

1. it doesn't seem like i can assign more than one person to the workflow at a time, however, if i assign person A to approve it, exit out of the workflow screen and then go back in to assign a different person B, it allows it. My questions is, since Share allows more than one person for the "review and approve" workflow, why do you have to envoke it as many times as you need approvers? Why not allow me to add more than one person to the workflow?

2. Once i have assigned the "review and approve" flow to the document, i can see in the document repository that it now has an icon and if i hover over the icon it says "belongs to x active workflows". My question is, in Share, how do see:
(a) WHICH active workflows it belongs to and
(b) WHO has yet to complete the workflow i.e. whose approvals am i waiting for?

I could see where i have 50 documents waiting approval from 30 people, knowing who has not approved which document would be crucial.
Any help on this would be great.