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WYSIWYG Editor problem - external links

Question asked by dotcombubble on Mar 19, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2009 by mikeh
I thought this would be a relatively easy problem to solve but I can't find a solution anywhere.

I have a web form for creating a simple article. The user can enter text etc.
When I try to create a link for an external website (e.g. and then try to preview my content, the link on my previewed content page I get directed to is:

type Status report

message /%22

description The requested resource (/%22 is not available.

The steps to create the link in the editor were:
1. Type in google.
2. Highlight "google" in the editor and click on the link button.
3. In the Insert/Edit Link popup I enter "" in the Link URL field, accept default target and leave title blank and click ok.
4. Hit next in the web content wizard and when I click the "preview" eyeball I can see my created page no problem. Now when I click on the "google" link I then get the above mentioned link and error.

Any suggestions?