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Our requirements for Alfresco Enterprise - pl suggest

Question asked by infinity2heaven on Mar 19, 2009
We're evaluating Alfresco Enterprise. If anyone with knowledge of using alfresco enterprise can share their findings wrt to the following criteria, I'd appreciate.

1. Multiple Taxonomies
- Hierarchical, to support structured page-level navigation
- Relational, to support tagging of granular content by keyword

2. How are these content types implemented?
- Personal stories
- Tip, Frequently Asked Question, or Glossary term
- Inline linking between pages, or to a specific page from within discrete content items

3. Assemble pages with "related content"
- specific content items are associated with a particular page
- content items and pages are associated indirectly via matching metadata

4. Site Search implementation, can we integrate in-house solutions or does Alfresco enforce us to use its own?

5. Assemble pages from repository items via some kind of personalization engine (JBoss Rules?)