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add email alias from LDAP to HomeFolder

Question asked by murph81 on Mar 20, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2009 by steffen
Hi everyone,

I want to import user from an existing LDAP directory and auto-create their home folder (folder name = uid) in the process. The folder should also have an email alias with the users email adress from LDAP. My goal is to use alfresco as an email to CIFS Share gateway (with SSO via NTLM).

There are several howtos available which explain the necessary steps to import users from LDAP e.g (in german). I also found out that there is a personalHomeFolderProvider and a userHomeFolderProvider to control where the spaces are created. Regarding to this howto the use of UIDBasedHomeFolderProvider should create home folders named after the uid from LDAP.

Is it possible to modify one of the HomeFolderProviders to make them add the email alias while creating the folders? I tried to find something in the source code but had no luck.


Marvin Martins