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Need explanations about NodeRef Type

Question asked by zomurn on Mar 20, 2009

I coded a portion of code which show me a misunderstood point on NodeRef type. If I do the following instructions :

NodeRef lParentRef = getNodeService().getPrimaryParent(
                     editableNode.getNodeRef() ).getParentRef();

fileFolderService.move( editableNode.getNodeRef(), pDestNodeRef, null );

NodeRef lParentRef2 = new NodeRef( lParentRef  );

Supposing pDestNodeRef is different from lParentRef  Why lParentRef2 is equals to pDestNodeRef instead of lParentRef after the move operation ?

What is the behavior of alfresco basis to retrieve a nodeRef, do you know the portion of code responsible for this behavior ?

Thanks !