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Alfresco with Sybase ASE 12.5.4 warning

Question asked by l.l.g on Jan 8, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2008 by derek

We are curently installing Alfresco 2.1 with Sybase 12.5.4.
When tables are created, some warnings appears in the logs complaining about length of row :

Warning: Row size (16756 bytes) could exceed row size limit, which is 1962 bytes.

We have this warning for the following tables and other

create table alf_node_properties (
        node_id numeric(19,0) not null,
        actual_type varchar(15) not null,
        multi_valued tinyint not null,
        persisted_type varchar(15) not null,
        boolean_value tinyint null,
        long_value numeric(19,0) null,
        float_value float null,
        double_value double precision null,
        string_value text null,
        attribute_value numeric(19,0) null,
        serializable_value varbinary(16384) null,
        qname varchar(200) not null,
        primary key (node_id, qname)

Consequently, we feel not confortable installing alfresco on sybase

What kind of data are stored in the field 'serializable_value varbinary(16384) null' ?

In oracle 9/10, Is there the same warning / problem / limitation ? 

Thanks in advance for your answer