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problem with POST HTTP Header

Question asked by ivo.costa on Mar 20, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2009 by ivo.costa

I've implemented a VBScript that managed to upload a file to Alfresco via IE…
It took some work but I've managed to tweak the header for  the post in order to make it work.

this is where I first got a problem… I thought that the header didn't have particular order, but the only way it worked was by setting the parameters in the right order. So… Everything right  after this quick fix

The reason for me to make such script without using forms was that I needed to do a script that could be used as an export script from ABBYYY FlexiCapture and so I added this working vbscript to that program… that's when the script stopped working again…

I've managed to generate a Basic authentication on the script(and the user gets authenticated as written in alfresco's log) but what I found that wasn't right was that once again the order of the HTTP header, but this time no matter what I did, I couldn't change the parameters order…

so what is this?? is there a particular order for the http header and flexycaptures doesn't allow me to change this in the script??? or is that not important and in this case is an alfresco bug???

please this project already late… can anybody help me?


Ivo Costa

edit: another option would be something else is not working… and I really have a big big problem in my hands