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web scripts example

Question asked by wps07032 on Jan 8, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2008 by davidc

I was unable to run the simplest script example, "Hello World", posted on this web link:, it would be greatly appreciated if someone can shed some light on what I've done wrong, missing or whatnot?

Under Company Home -> Data Dictionary -> Web scripts -> org -> alfresco -> sample, I've added two contents (files), hello.get.desc.xml and hello.get.html.ftl.  The content of those two files are directly copied from the link above.  According to the documentation, new script or updates to existing script are reflected without requiring a restart of the Tomcat.  So, without restart Tomcat, I enter http://<ip>:<port>/alfresco/service/sample/hello at the browser, but I'm getting "Web Script Status 404 - Not Found".  And when I restarted Tomcat, those two files that I've just added to the system would be gone/disappeared .  Any ideas?