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Need help to solve problems in WSF

Question asked by joeu on Jan 9, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2008 by yqu
I am using WSF 1.5 to develop our own site. I tried to add a sub menu under a menu with large content say: 'Mandate, Objective and Strategy' and the text comes out of the row.
Can any one tell me where to change the width of menu columns so that it will solve my problem?

I have another doubt:

In the framework, I want to add a login page with user id and password.
Can any one tell me how can I write my own action classes to store and fetch  the data from DB?

Along with this, I want to upload scanned images into it by using WSF. Can any one throw some light on these topics.

I know in document management we can do it but I want it in WSF.

Thanks in advance….