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Scenarios for developing app around Alfresco

Question asked by pk_simmons on Mar 23, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2009 by pk_simmons

I have a question about possible ways for implementing a custom application around Alfresco.

Lets say that my application contains a set of services - some would need access to the document repository but others contain an unrelated business logic (custom logic beans, scheduled jobs, database access - all this generic stuff).

1. Implement a separate application (separate WAR/EAR), communicate with Alfresco using webservices (SOAP, REST)
- I can build my application any way I choose,
- a (unnecessary) overhead from using webservices.

2. Implement my application as a set of WebScripts
- direct access to Alfresco API,
- custom services must extend DeclarativeWebScript (why not interface/annotation or - lets go crazy (;-)) - JAX-RS?),
- what about testability?
- what about code-deploy-test cycle, in-vm code hot swap?

Any other possibilities?

I've played with Apache Jackrabbit before - it has an interesting feature of exporting repository as a shared JEE resource. There is some kind of JCR JNDI adapter ( but:
- is it production ready?
- it restricts me to JCR API; Alfresco is not Level 2 compliant so some important features will be lost,
- no access to native, full-featured Alfresco API.