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Alfresco Share Mail (e.g. Zimbra) Dashlet / other questions

Question asked by hunter42 on Mar 23, 2009

I just tested Alfresco Share and I really like it. I have three questions:

1. Did anyone think about doing an Alfresco Share Mail Dashlet. Prefrably with Zimbra. It would be great to access my personal mails via the Alfresco Dashboard. Addtionally it would be really nice to be able to drag and drop attachments from e-mails to my document library.

2. Is it possible to add personal entries to the calendar dashlet ? It seems to reflect only my appointments from my projects.

3. How is Share exactly related to the Alfresco explorer interface. It seems I can not access files I dropped via the explorer interfaces if i launch dashboard. Are they connected ? Maybe I would expect to be able to explore my personal document library when I log into dashboard.