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Questions about Customizing the Alfresco Dashboard

Question asked by bentleyhg on Jan 9, 2008
Hi there,

I'm interested in customizing certain aspects of the Alfresco interface so that it can be more tailored to our companies specific needs.

Specifically I would like to:

- Add a Blog space to the Dashboard so that users can easily gain general information about the state of the company/projects/etc.

- Customize the look of the Alfresco Dashboard and icons so that they are more thematic for our company.

- Add some kind of email step to workflows so that users are notified by email when tasks are posted, documents are approved/denied, etc.

If anyone out there can point me to some useful info I'd really appreciate it!  :D

I've already read through some of the wikis regarding simple customization and tried a few things (like icon changes), but nothing seems to be working yet.