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Alfresco webapp very slow

Question asked by lmoulin on Jan 10, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2008 by andy
I use Alfresco 1.4.0 with a Oracle database
Alfesco uses very often the following query:

SELECT childassoc0_.type_qname col_0_0_, childassoc0_.qname col_1_0_,
       childassoc0_.is_primary col_2_0_, childassoc0_.assoc_index col_3_0_, col_4_0_, nodeimpl2_.protocol col_5_0_,
       nodeimpl2_.identifier col_6_0_, nodeimpl2_.uuid col_7_0_
    FROM alf_child_assoc childassoc0_, alf_node nodeimpl1_, alf_node nodeimpl2_
    WHERE childassoc0_.child_node_id =
      AND childassoc0_.parent_node_id =
      AND childassoc0_.parent_node_id = :1
    ORDER BY childassoc0_.assoc_index,

But the run of this query takes 1min20.
How could I optimize the execution of this query?

Thanks a lot for your answer.