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Permissions and Content relating to linked documents

Question asked by gerrit on Mar 24, 2009
Hi all

All documents inherit the permissions of their parent spaces in the following…

I have a folder structure consisting of the following:
folderA - containing all originals
folderB - containing 5 documents that are links of the originals that are in folderA
folderC - containing 3 documents that are also links of the originals in folderA

Then also I have userB and userC.

documents in folderB may only be viewed by userB
documents in folderC may only be viewed by userC
Therefore folderB has privilige of consumer for userB only and folderC has privilige of consumer for userC only.

But now I need to do a lucene Search and in order for both users to view their respective documents when doing this search, folderA, with the original documents, has to have consumer priviliges for both users, and by doing this each user can view the other's documents, which must not be allowed.

Is there some means of overriding the permissions that the linked documents obtain from there originals or maybe some other means of accessing the content that the documents are linked to? This is very important as I need to keep permissions at space level.