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Alfresco or not

Question asked by andresaimar on Jan 10, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2008 by kevinr
I am working for a client that needs a DMS solution to be implemented in the near future.
I have made some research on DMS products and finally found Alfresco.

Despite I am very sorprised about the number of features that it has, I have some doubts about if its the right solution or not.

This is my current scenario: the client has a legacy User Management application that they developed to manage User auth, roles and permissions; they want to implement a DMS solution that interacts with this legacy application when user auth is needed. Also they want to have customizable User Interfaces to allow external clients entering to share repository and download documents. (each external client should have its own customizable UI, like having the client logo and so on).

Could anybody tell me if Alfresco would fit into this scenario? Is it possible to use the open source solution?

thanks in advance