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full RESTFul integration of Liferay and Alfresco

Question asked by jonas on Jan 11, 2008
Do you want to integrate alfresco contents within Liferay articles?

Do you want to use alfresco DM as repository of Liferay?

Here is a solution:

Real demo: default page (images, flashes - videos, games, etc. and contents coming from Alfresco 2.1.1 at Liferay 4.3.5)

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Edit an article -> insert document as link or image or flash at HTML editor. Alfresco is used as Repository of Liferay. You can use Alfresco just as Liferay's repository - image gallery, document library, etc.

For Web Scripts, you can

    * Get the content metadata
    * Update metadata
    * Search (OpenSearch)
    * Download contents
    * Navigate across spaces

The commands are (You need to modify the uid … play with them):

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