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Help needed in Web Client development

Question asked by joeu on Jan 11, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2008 by dhalupa
Hai ,

I am new to Alfresco and WSF. I dont know wether its the right place in forum to raise my questions..pls bear with me if i am n wrong place.

I have Downloaded and installed Alfresco 2.1. Developed some sample login appln without using WSF. Later learnt about WSF to develop websites.

Went through wiki link "" and followed all the instruction that are used to build a dynamic web site. Got sample appln successfully deployed!!

List of thing to be known:
1. I need to know how the Alfresco architecture works. Where do we need to have user defined action classes.

2.How the control transfers from user request to the controller(in the case of struts say struts-config.xml!! …Learnt that JSF tech has been used.)

3.How to package action classes and deploy

4.Where to check for jsp pages if needed to make changes

Actually i need to have the full details of how to develop a sample login appln using WSF..Smile

Help needed.. Thanks in advance..