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CIFS and windows shares

Question asked by yve on Mar 24, 2009
Dear all,

I installed Alfresco 3.0 Labs out of the box.
I tried to use CIFS/SMF file shares.

To make it work, I had to disable 'network / file shares' on my server.

If I do not disable network shares, the workstation is able :
1st -> to connect to \\myserver_a\alfresco directory   ::> everything is working fine
2nd -> On the workstation, if I disconnect the user, and reconnect the same user, after :
3rd -> the \\myserver_a\alfresco share is no more available (error)
          the   \\myserver_a\ and  \\myserver\ is providing the same shares

I disabled network shares on my alfresco server in order to have it working.

Could someone give me tip in order to have both 'windows shares' and 'alfresco shares' working on the same  server.