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[solved][urgent] I have bug when refreshing browse view.

Question asked by zomurn on Mar 24, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2009 by zomurn
Hi everyone,

My customer is complaining and noticed a big bug on its alfresco, the scenario is as follow :

1) The user browse its home space
2) The user select a document to edit (click the icon) from the inside browse view.
3) A new dialog view is showed to the user.
4) The user fill the form and click a dialog button like "finish". It causes a move of the document into another folder named "A controler"
5) Then the user is redirected to the list of documents in the browse view and the processed document previously still appears  WHERE AS (through browse node admin console) it is really in the folder "A controler"

My question is : WHY the browse view has not been refresh. Here is the code executed after the action "finish" is done :

UIContextService.getInstance( FacesContext.getCurrentInstance() )

      NavigationBean lNavigation = (NavigationBean) FacesContext
                  "NavigationBean" );

      if (lNavigation != null)

Is there something wrong ?

Thanks you to help me !